boso ABI-system 100


The boso ABI-system.

The patented boso ABI-system offers doctors and patients many benefits
compared to the previous Doppler ultrasound method.



wirtschaftlichkeitEarly detection and routine check

In the past, tests were only carried out in cases of suspected disease, because the test was time-consuming and expensive. In addition, PAOD often was not detected early enough as it does not cause any symptoms for a long time. The boso ABI-system is an innovative and rapid way of measuring the ankle-brachial index (ABI). This allows to carry out this test on a large scale. It is a simple routine check which is also well accepted by patients because it only takes a few minutes and is also more reliable.


Accurate and time-saving

Ankle brachial index measurements taken with the boso ABI-system are more accurate and faster. An oscillometric blood pressure measurement is done in all four limbs simultaneously. With the old method the measurements were taken consecutively. Thus the new instrument saves time. Moreover it avoids incorrect readings due to blood pressure variability. Consequently the reproducibility of the ABI-readings is improved.



früherkennungDelegation and cost saving

This test does not need to be performed by a doctor, taking up valuable time. As the boso ABI-system is so simple, no special experience is required. Other members of the healthcare staff can perform it. No specific preparation time is needed, and the ankle brachial index can be calculated in just a few minutes. The actual measuring time is only one minute. This saves precious time and it saves a considerable amount of money.


Software and health status

Previous test methods did not offer automatic assessment. The boso ABI-system uses a software offering several advantages. Once a reading has been taken, the results are automatically allocated to the selected patient. The system measures other important cardiovascular parameters in addition to the ABI and shows all data at one glimpse. The GDT interface allows data to be transferred to the doctor‘s DTP system.