boso ABI-system 100


The ankle brachial index.

The ankle brachial index is the best predictor of heart attack, stroke and mortality.

An ABI reading of < 0.9, compared with the angiogram as the gold standard, has a sensitivity of up to 95% in identifying PAOD, and conversely rules out this condition in healthy people with a specificity of almost 100%.¹ The getABI study² shows that the prevalence of PAOD among individuals aged over 65 is 20%.


The method previously used to measure ABI was Doppler ultrasound, which is very time-consuming and only produces reliable results if the operator is highly experienced in the procedure. This means that vascular tests are normally only conducted at a point when an existing PAOD may already have led to symptomatic or asymptomatic cardiovascular conditions, even in high-risk groups such as smokers, diabetics or elderly people.

The boso ABI-system is a much simpler, faster and more accurate way of calculating this critical parameter, and it can therefore be performed as a routine check on every patient.


boso's ABI measurement system plugs an important gap in cardiovascular diagnosis.
A must for your day-to-day practice.


  1. Prof. Dr. med. Curt Diehm Chief Physician Max Grundig Clinic Buehlerhoehe



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